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Helicopter transportation - your safety is our concernsupplier vessel - the orca and woss working survival suits have a SOLAS approvalCHC helicopter - Biardo innovation, the LRS001 lifejacket rebreather systemNHV helicopter - safety during your helicopterflightLoodshelicopter - Pilot suits and helicopter crew suitsBiardo Survival Suits BV, the number one in working survival suitsLRS001 lifejacket rebreather system helicopter passenger suits

Welcome to Biardo Survival Suits BV

Welcome to the new website of Biardo Survival Suits BV.

Here you can find everything about our survival suits, helicopter transportation suits, immersion suits, working suits, lifejackets with rebreather, personal locator beacons and receivers.

We have ETSO/EASA and IMO/SOLAS approved safety equipment. We are known about our high quality maintenance and service.

If you have any questions, please call or sent an email.


Very important announcement!

Biardo Survival Suits BV is the first and only company in the Netherlands which attained the maintenance organisation approval certificate of EASA part 145 in its industry (Helicopter & Tranportation Immersion Suits & Life Jackets).


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Helicopter transport suit

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Rental Suits

Almost 30 years we rent out survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation. Biardo Survival Suits BV has a large pool of rental helicopter transportation suits and rental lifejackets, which almost every offshore company can use.


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ACL001 aircraft life jacket


life jacket


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Dock Jack

with built-in automatic
inflatable lifejacket 175N

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survival suit


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