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LRS001 Den Helder AirportLoodshelicopter - Pilot suits and helicopter crew suitsHelicopter transportation - your safety is our concernLRS001 on Den Helder AirportCHC helicopter - Biardo innovation, the LRS001 lifejacket rebreather systemBiardo Survival Suits BV, the number one in working survival suitssupplier vessel - the orca and woss working survival suits have a SOLAS approvalNHV helicopter - safety during your helicopterflightLRS001 lifejacket rebreather system helicopter passenger suits

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28 & 29 October
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lifejacket rebreather system with integrated CA-EBS

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Helicopter pilot suit

Helicopter Pilot Suit

one of our latest developments

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ENI Italy grants Biardo Survival Suits big contract

Biardo will supply survival suits, for the coming years, to the offshore personnel from “ENI Italy”. ENI Italy has 80 production islands of which 20 satellites and five fixed drilling rigs in the Adriatic Sea.

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Rental Suits

Almost 30 years we rent out survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation. Biardo Survival Suits BV has a large pool of rental helicopter transportation suits and rental lifejackets, which almost every offshore company can use.

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working survival suit

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