Biardo survival suits bv


Biardo survival suits b.v. has a professional distribution network. Our main office and maintenance center are located in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. At Den Helder Airport we have a distribution center. From this location we supply ETSO/EASA approved helicopter transportation suits (survival suits) and life jackets with rebreather / CA-EBS (compressed air emergency breathing system), and also IMO/SOLAS approved working survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use on the Dutch continental shelf.

We are also based in Aberdeen, Scotland. From this location we can supply survival suits, lifejackets and personal locator beacons (PLB) for offshore use on the British continental shelf of the North Sea.

Biardo supply survival suits, for the coming years, to the offshore personnel from “ENI Italy”. ENI Italy has 80 production islands of which 20 satellites and five fixed drilling rigs in the Adriatic Sea .To support this, Biardo work from six different locations on the east coast of Italy:
Ravenna, Falconara, Pescara / Ortona, Brindisi, Crotone and Gela (Sicily).

This development is Biardo’s next step in the global expansion of activities.