Biardo survival suits b.v. has a professional distribution network. Our main office and maintenance center are located in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. At Den Helder Airport we have a distribution center. From this location we supply ETSO/EASA approved helicopter transportation suits (survival suits) and life jackets with rebreather / CA-EBS (compressed air emergency breathing system), and also IMO/SOLAS approved working survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use on the Dutch continental shelf.

Biardo survival suits is participating in the North Sea Helicopter Consortium, this is a gateway to Dutch suppliers of Helicopter services in the energy sector.
The mission of the North Sea Helicopter Consortium is to maintain and strengthen the position of the Dutch offshore energy sector by creating visibility and a level playing field for its members.
A strong focus on cost efficiency, innovation and sustainability within the Dutch Helicopter services industry is of great importance.

The North Sea Helicopter Consortium consist of a variety of members like multinationals and aviation specialists. They represent the entire supply chain for helicopter services within the oil and gas and offshore renewable energy industry, with activities relating to: Helicopter crew change and hoisting services, Integrated logistical services, Aircraft fuelling, Safety and Fire control, Cargo and Handling services and Airport operations.

The North Sea Helicopter Consortium focuses on three important themes that are essential for the continuity of the industry:
1. Promotion of Offshore Helicopter services.
2. Development of future offshore wind farms in the North Sea
3. Energy transition

This development is Biardo’s next step in the global expansion of activities.