Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

The “Man Overboard” Location and Folluw-Up System facilitates search and rescue missions of sailors who accidentally fall overboard from a vessel or aircraft. The system is composed of a personal locator beacon (Indra PLB) integrated in a lifejacket (LRS001, LRS002 or BIARDO 300N) and a base receptor located on the Commanding Bridge of different types of vessel or aircraft. It does not only alert of the existence of an emergency situation, but in combination with Crx- or NMEA-receiver also allows for precise location pinpoint of crew members in distress.

When a crew member accidentally falls overboard, the PLB is switched on automatically during immersion and emits an audio distress signal in the international SOS frequency of 121.5 MHz. In combination with Crx- or NMEA-receiver it is also possible to receive a signal with precise geographical positioning, thanks to a GPS micro integrated receiver.

• Guarantees a greater level of security for crew members

• Automatic activation when PLB contacts water

• Easily integrated to life jacket or harness

• Low maintenance

• Minimum autonomy of 12 hours in activation mode

• Minimum autonomy of 2 years in armed mode

• Great coverage:  at least 1.7 NM in audio alarm & 1.2 NM in data transmission

The Personal Locator Beacon is applicable to aviation, transport of persons above water, offshore locations, windmill parks, watersports, fishing industry, towing service, supply vessels and inland navigation.

Receiver NMEA

Alarm receiver at 121.5 MHz with NMEA serial interface. (SW application available to visualize receiver information)
NMEA Receiver is a small device designed to be installed on the commanding bridge, capable of receiving the signal coming from one or more personal locator beacons and sending through its serial interfaces (NMEA and RS-232) the geographical information transmitted be the personal locator beacons.

Applicable when position and identification of active personal locator beacon is required. Compatible with NMEA 0183 standard. Indra’s PC application available to display information and generate maintenance certificates. Ability to be integrated with a nautical plotter in order to display the activated personal locator beacon position. It offers the possibility of offline displaying the followed route during the rescue operations in Google Maps/Earth.

Receiver CRx

Alarm controller receiver at 121.5 MHz with GPS receiver and graphical and tactile interface.  CRx Receiver consists of a panel computer, that integrates a receptor capable of receiving signals of one or more personal locator beacons, placing on its screen the geographical information transmitted by these.

Applicable when is needed extra information (e.g: delay distance…) and functionalities are required with the identification and position information. Graphical and tactile interface to display receiver and personal locator beacon information. It offers the possibility of offline displaying the followed route during the rescue operations in Google Maps/Earth.

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