For more than 30 years we rent out survival suits and lifejackets for offshore use and helicopter transportation. Biardo has a large pool of rental helicopter transportation suits and rental lifejackets, which almost every offshore company can use.

Advantages of rental for the customer:

• No Purchase

• No Logistics

• Inclusive Full Maintenance

• Always up to date survival suits, lifejackets and plb’s

• Once a month a total invoice with attached details

Our new PTS survival suits with the next safety innovation:

  • Fire retardant neck seal
  • Fire retardant wrist seals (cuff)
  • Fire retardant lining with SILVER+, much more comfort and hygiene
  • No obstacles on the outside
  • No valves
  • No zippers
  • This makes salvage more easy

Biardo is innovation, innovation is Biardo!